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A brand that is mainly known for their high quality, but cheap about $60-80 watches.
"I just got this awesome new Fossil watch."
by Masta March 12, 2005
Animal Warrior Champion Legend
Your intensity shows you are truly an AWCL.
by Masta March 22, 2003
A gay kid who sucks dick. commonly known as a "Go Liver"
DrasticK from apez
by mAsTa June 10, 2003
A master of the sacred fighting religon Ki-Ah. He excells at beating others up.
That Ki-Ah master has a brutal punch. Thats an understatement considering it took me into the next dimension.
by Masta May 01, 2003
Slang word for Marijuana
Load a bowl of this herbizzle, it'll get you lifted like a hizzle dizzle fo shizzle.
by Masta November 06, 2003
(v) To steal something from someone behind their back.
Kyle snaked his friends rolex watch when he was tying his shoe.
by Masta March 22, 2003

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