All women are snakes, not to be trusted, sneaky, and slimy.
Ash: Hey Chris, you still going out with that girl?
Chris: Nah man, she dumped me again!
Ash: Man, all women are snakes!
by asherj123 July 11, 2009
What you have after you eat a meal that is going to make u shit liquid.
Me: Man I just ate 5 burritos.

A friend: Ur going to be shitting snakes.
by NoMaCeR August 09, 2006
Snake is simply the new word for bitch.
-a girl does something real bitchy to someone-
Guy 1: "Yo, she's sucha snake!!"
Guy 2: "I know! Fucking bitch."
by ThAToneDUDE453 April 01, 2009
Another name for diarhea
I got the snakes after eating hot wings and drinking cheap beer the night before
by Angry Shepherd August 10, 2006
snakes (snakus verislowus) are defined by their long slender bodies and extremely slow nature. Scientist recently proved that their sluggish speed is only matched by the even slower creature, the pig tailed mcouat (gaysexus mcouatus). Most species of snake can be found in their natural habitat, planes. And thats all anyone knows about the snakes.
"Yes, of course snakes are faster than mcouats."
by Dr. Thadius Coleslaw M.D. August 29, 2006
(a) a reply used to express your total lack of knowledge of the topic, situation.

(b) a reply used to express another person's total lack of knowledge of the topic, situation.
Do i look fat in this dress?
by Plisken November 07, 2003
a word that can be used in place of shit, like when you lose something or just as a curse word
a) "did you remember to lock the house up?"

b) "snakes! i forgot my house keys!"
by noop-dogg February 22, 2004

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