A fat man in a stupid hat that s delusional and believes he is an actual snake that has eaten Jennifer Lopez.

Youtube search I'm a Snake for video evidence of his existence.
I'm a snake. Slitherin in yo garden, catchin me a mouse!
by someduder January 31, 2011
D-Archie, king cobra of the snake pit. will go out of his way to slither into someone elses business. a pretty cool guy though.
1:Do you hear that?
2:Yeah sounds like it's coming from the snake pit.
1:Probably that king cobra avatar darch.
2:Yeah, you're probably right.
by easthigh41 May 04, 2010
being a dog, or ditching/dogging mates for a woman or women.
Also known as a whitebeard.

people of this variety usually drive holden rodeo's.

Also known as a Kurt
person 1: gunna come party tonight ?

person 2: nah i'm going to go pick up these chicks in my rodeo and snake it all night.

person 1: c'mon man you dont wanna be known as Kurt the 2nd. . .
by sunnyboyzilla December 13, 2009
A long piece of poop.
Wow, it felt good to finally release that snake.
by The Hangman July 07, 2009
A move used to stop a conversation or to simply annoy people.

How to:
When someone is talking, move your right hand under the left armpit of the talker. Emit an upward force on your arm and stretch until not possible.
Harry used a snake move to annoy James.
by CobraStrike June 16, 2011
Verb: To snag, grab, get, snatch
"Hey bro, what's up?"
"Oh, not much, man. Im just tryin' to snake a brewski"
by Teflon Murda April 25, 2010
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