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the ultimate chick magnet. can be seen put putting around in the roughest parts of town. intimidates other vehicles on the road. distinct gun metal paint job. not only is it bulletproof, but also rpg proof. has broken the speed of light and the speed of sound. Because it has broken the speed of sound, sign language is a key for communication while inside the tank. can seat 6 brave soldiers at a time. only down fall is that it cannot be used in stealth operations, since you can hear the fucking tank roll up from over 10000 miles away.
ho #1: did you see or hear the tank screech by last night?

ho #2: i did. my panties come off every time i hear or see the tank.
by (,)(,) July 18, 2011
"The Tank" is another name for the city of San Jose, CA located in Northern California, specifically in the Bay Area. San Jose is the largest city in the South Bay.

The San Jose Sharks play at the San Jose Arena commonly referred to by the locals as "The Shark Tank" - Hence, the nickname for San Jose is "The Tank."
"Where you headin' out to?"
"The Tank."
"San Jo be crackin'!"
by MsBusyBee August 06, 2009
The worlds most bad ass car!!!!! desroyer of deer numbers in the doubble digits and still climbing, Color green completly coverd in dents, and seats 6 people. it is practically a lowerd suv but way more bad ass. odomitor reads over 200,000 miles and cant be stoped by any type of weather, or terrain. location Holmes County Ohio.
Person 1: dude the roads are so bad out i cant take my car in this.
Person 2: its ok well take "the tank".

Person 1: it rained alot so the feild is pretty muddy we can walk back.

person 2: Its ok well activate tank mode!!
by Walter Fishington September 23, 2010
The Tank is when you take your balls and wrap them around your erect penis to make it look like a tank.
"Lets go show that skoe our tank"

by d3fromthecuntlesscrew1989 March 29, 2005
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