noun: Almost certainly the worst thing to possibly have on a plane, according to Samuel L. Jackson.
Samuel L. Jackson: We got snakes on a muhfuggin' plane, here, man!

Kenan Thompson: Thats almost certainly the worst thing to possibly have on a plane, according to you!

Samuel L Jackson:...and I hope they burn in hell!
by Johey Christian September 10, 2006
When an individual swipes another man's woman. Normally, texts the woman and gets her to want to have sex with them. Then after the man gets the woman to leave her current man, either dating or even married, then uses her for sex and then leaves her causing her to slit her wrists or move to a different state.
Wow that sucks, that guy just snaked your girlfriend. You'll be okay don't OD on the booger sugar.
by sneaky bastard August 25, 2009
He's got a really long snake.
by clitoris October 19, 2003
The Kentucky definition of snake or snaking somebody is to run up behind someone and stick your finger up their ass and holler "Snake".
" I really snaked that girl in the hallway." " My Uncle snaked me when I was a kid."
by Jump The Shark May 20, 2009
A huge, hard, hot, throbbing cock that needs the Kitty Kitty.
"My snake needs your Kitty Kitty".
by The Snake Handler January 29, 2008
1. It lives with the Badgers and the Mushroom
2. A slang term for Cock
3. To steal something
1. A Snake A Snake, Snaaaaaake A Snake, Ohhhhhh, it's a Snake...
2. That guy has a huge Snake!
3. "That bastard just snaked my jacket!"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
1. A serpent-like individual who stops at nothing to fulfill her own motives, while usually under the disguise of being considerate to others.

2. The Queen of Facebook.

3. Mona.
by sssssssssssssssssssssnake October 10, 2010

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