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Marijuana. It is the plant that is a halucinogen. Can make people die if used wrong.
"I'm getting some darch yo. It's going to cost $20."
"Koo Koo. Get me some."
by Jamal Williams June 22, 2004
The nasty smell coming from someone's asshole.

Similar to the word "Stench", meaning an awful smell, this has the same meaning except it only refers to buttholes. Ways of saying it may include "Something darches in here.", or "It smells darchy in here. Who the hell shit their pants?". People mostly use it in it's basic way.
What the fuck smells like darch?
by SpinaLCord September 26, 2014
1. Big toe
2. Slang for camel toe
Dude, I smashed my darch.

Did you see the darch on the chick?
by Brandon "BR" May 01, 2008
1. dried faeces that is deposited in the crotch of one's pants - usually due to poor sanitary practice after defecation.

2. dust-bowl northern suburb of Perth, Western Australia
1. "God damn, what's the smell in the washing basket?"
"Bugga - I must have darched me daks"

2. "God damn mum, what's that smell coming out of the vents?"
"Just hold your breath while we're driving through Darch"
by rucky January 15, 2009
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