A nasty crack whore (hooker) with one tooth normally in the front sticking out of your gums with most other teeth rotten or missing. Normally straight out of the trailer park or motel in the hood.
" Damnnn that bitch has a rank snaggletooth". (See Dog the Bounty Hunter.)
by pornStash March 10, 2012
A person or thing that appears snaggly or does something to deserve the title of "Snaggletooth."

A Crooked tooth that also happens to be serrated.

An indescribable object that you insert into another humans bodily orifices.!
I'm going to shove my snaggletooth in your butthole!

That guys tooth looked like a snaggletooth!

That chick was a total snaggletooth!
by Pseudonymisforlosers July 04, 2011
Rebecca Morton Salt
Dude snaggles is so trog. Straight snaggle tooth
by Ratly rat rat April 17, 2009
A person who may have great teeth but is egotistic and has a corrupt or crooked set of morals; a doucher or fuckhead.
"Dude that snaggletooth threw the chair down the stairs and broke it."

frat a: "Danny is such a snaggletooth bro."
frat b: "I know bro, he thinks he runs this house."
by shrewdoperator September 07, 2009
a wholesome but competitive card game consisting of 'snagging' cards flicked at your face. highest number of snags wins.
guy whose babies you want to have: "wanna play snaggletooth?"

girl with complicated relationships: "ya! I love me some snaggletooth!"
by ryan1020 November 10, 2008
1. A disgusting and lonely tooth in a person's mouth. It is usually the only one left and often it has never had any care. Most people who have a snaggle tooth also have rancid breath.

2. In a mouthful of teeth, the one tooth that protrudes in front of the others. It is always noticeable and very ugly.
1. Your grandma's snaggle tooth makes me want to throw up in her mouth.

2. Ew, his teeth are so ugly. Did you see that snaggle tooth?
by hailey hudson January 08, 2008
A woman who performs oral sex with horrendously misshapen teeth. She enjoys crunching and munching on a mans penis like an ear of corn.
Trell used to enjoy blow-jobs from his wife, until she got hit with a bat. Now every time she goes down she snaggles the shit out of his cock.

Trell: Man ever since Letisha got hit with that bat shes become such a Snaggle tooth
Nad: Dump that fucking snaggler
by A-Godd April 15, 2008

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