A person with teeth that are crooked, protruding, overlapping, or teeth that are in need of some serious orthodontic work.
Who is the worst snaggletooth of the anon world? Brownhrdontcare of course!
by DrCannabliss xoxo January 05, 2013
A hideous, unnattractive, and foul smelling female with a fucked up grill.
Yo that snaggle tooth broad looked like she was from Jurassic Park.

Skeezer dun bought me a snaggle tooth stripper.

I was hella feelin' that female... until she smiled at me... snaggle tooth bitch.
by rayx2 May 24, 2007
Often called "war-pig", the intentionally ugly but extremely iconic mascot of heavy metal legends Motorhead.
Snaggletooth is as famous as the Misfits' crimson ghost or The Rolling Stones' lips logo.
by Gaaraofthedamned February 17, 2012
The mythical girlfriend of Bon Jovi who comes into your room at night to suck your blood. Need to kick that bitch out a window not caring if it breaks. One ugly ass girl.
The snaggletooth almost got me lat night im glad i pushed the couch against the door.
by JBJ+snaggle April 13, 2011
A common reference for British people. Usually having juting, crooked, gangly teeth and possibly missing a few. Maybe tea and crumpets every day is a bad idea...
That snaggletooth stole my baby and now it's gonna eat it!
by ElBornado April 21, 2011
An akward, often ugly, person who sticks out of a crowd or group of people like a crooked tooth out of someones mouth.
by Taylor William Hilmoe March 17, 2009
verb, adj. A guy or girl who looks cute until they open their mouth to reveal nasty ass crooked, yellow teeth.
"I was checking out this guy... until I got up close and realized he had some serious snaggletooth going on"

"Did you see that snaggletooth that just drove by?"
by Erin! August 24, 2005

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