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a big sub or sandwhich that is filling and amazingly tasteful
I was starving so I went to Wayno's and grabbed a hot steak n' chesse sangler.
by Streezle August 16, 2007
The act of extending one’s pointer and middle fingers and then in a horizontal fashion gradually skimming them across another’s upper lip.
After I figer blasted that brod I steashed my buddy and remaked "butterscotch"
by Streezle August 24, 2007
another word for law enforcment officials or criminal investigators
Steroids aren't cheap, I need to secure shipments from overseas and keep vice off my back
by Streezle August 16, 2007
To steal or jack in a weasel like manner walking away slyly
Let's get drunk and snaggletooth that heineken sign at the apres ski party
by Streezle August 16, 2007

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