when your jaw is so small and pointed (like a rat's) that you don't have enough room for two teeth in the front. instead you have one big tooth called a snaggle.
"ahhhhhh snaggle poked my eye out with her giant snaggle tooth face!"
by chanel aim: drunk sincerityx December 09, 2004
Dave C.; a tooth that looks like it got stuck in a tree.
dave C. has a snaggle tooth that looks like it got struck in a tree
by NIKINK May 17, 2004
A woman who performs oral sex with horrendously misshapen teeth. She enjoys crunching and munching on a mans penis like an ear of corn.
Trell used to enjoy blow-jobs from his wife, until she got hit with a bat. Now every time she goes down she snaggles the shit out of his cock.

Trell: Man ever since Letisha got hit with that bat shes become such a Snaggle tooth
Nad: Dump that fucking snaggler
by A-Godd April 15, 2008
a word for crooked or ghetto looking grill (teeth)
yo, that bitch gotta snaggletooth
by jordo March 16, 2005
To steal or jack in a weasel like manner walking away slyly
Let's get drunk and snaggletooth that heineken sign at the apres ski party
by Streezle August 16, 2007
verb: to grab away with pointer finger shaped like a hook
"Could you please snaggletooth that beer for me?"
by DoubleTrouble November 20, 2006
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