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Wireless networking protocol, which allows cell phones, computers, palm devices, and some automobiles to automatically syncronize, and share data.
I got a new Bluetooth enabled Cell phone, with a wireless handsfree headset. It let me download all my contacts from my computer, into my phonebook.
by Aaron November 22, 2004
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An idiotic looking device, used by unimportant people who want to look important. It is a wireles transmitter that is put on an ear and is hooked up to your cell phone, so no matter where your phone is, you can still recieve that highly anticipated, uber important phone call from your mom. It radiates a tacky neon blue when in use, yet most of the time it goes unused. Good for when driving, but when not on the road it makes you look sad and pathetic. Users deserve a drop-kicking.
Doreen always used to wear bluetooth in class, with her hair neatly tucked around it. Coincidently, she never used it nor was there a car lying around class, waiting to be driven. Once I drop kicked her, she never wore blue tooth again.
by Mr. Hoboski November 09, 2005
A type of homeless person that walks around talking and/or shouting at him/herself, because they appear to be talking on a bluetooth headset.
Bluetooth: *mumbles/shouts incoherently to self*
Mark: Damn, check out the bluetooth over there!
by Knight of Bars October 21, 2007
The new fanny pack. A bad misunderstanding of the philosophy of form over function.

Among the saddest in the history of status symbols. Worn to impress when not in use. Otherwise totally annoying to bystanders when used.

The ultimate in lazyness as users prefer not to lift an arm to talk on the phone!
Hey! You talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME? I don't see a Bluetooth on this side of your face, so you must be talkin' to ME!

See Dick. See Dick go out with Jane. See Dick wear Bluetooth out. Youthful, wealthy, tech-savvy, Dick. See Jane embarrassed of her date. See Jane not know who Dick is talking to at any given moment. See Jane slap that dorky sh*t right off Dick's head! Don't be a Dick.

by Bradlecat April 11, 2008
A device put into a man's ear when he is unable to have a penis in his mouth or in his ass. Something that predominantly lower life forms have in their ears while out at restaurants or in front of you at the drycleaner and they continue to use them with no consideration for the waiter/waitress or store clerk.

On women, the same as above, but normally used by black women in automatic BMW's with balloon payments soon due - only used when in public places, never while in the car or else people who pull up next to them won't know that they have a cell phone!

Something that makes you look like you are running late for your Star Trek convention or the Dr. Who film festival. Only to be worn in public by morons.
She put her bluetooth in her ear and her brain fell out the other end, but no one knew the difference.

That goofball with the backwards hat is talking to himself while in line at Best Buy to show everyone that he has friends, but we all know that he is talking to his mama!

She walked up to my line at the store while talking on her bluetooth, I asked her if I could help her, she ignored me, so I yelled "next!".
by OnTheSideOfRight October 13, 2006
Function: verb
To pretend to be on a bluetooth headset after you speak at the wrong time. Can also occur when one person doesn't want to talk to the other.
Guy 1: Did you ever meet my mom?
Guy 1: She passed away last weekend.
Guy 2: ... AWESOME!! Yeah, I'll be there.
Guy 1: Wait... what?
Guy 2: Ok, bye - Sorry, were you saying something? I was on my bluetooth.

by Haydeng December 19, 2007
A dental condition that occurs if you go down on one of the members of 'Blue Man Group'
Damn... my wife went backstage at Vegas and came home with a bad case of bluetooth. But as she said 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,' then she flashed me this bright blue smile.
by UselessFreeAdvice December 19, 2007
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