A person with an extreme lack of sophistication, basic decency and common sense.

Douchers rarely come to the self- realisation that they are in fact douchers.

Common Doucher Symptoms:

1. Poor sentence structure/ Hard to understand
2. Uses vulgary language in public locations
3. Often contradicts themselves
4. Likes to harrass wildlife
5. Walks around late at night informing strangers that they are intoxicated

Doucher: "Im so baked man, can I have some of your slurpee?
Civilian (To Friend): "Lets get away from these douchers!"

Douchers: "Check out these cat mats we stole"
Civilians: "What are you going to do with them?"
Douchers: "Throw' em in the lake"
by Cornelius the Great July 10, 2008
noun- One who participates in doucheful activities; one who partakes in douchery, douchism, or is a douchist.
"You are such a doucher, you prick."

"I'm going to use my douche. I am a doucher."
by J Maze January 14, 2009
Noun: Someone or something that is a Douche bag. May or may not also be a asshole.

Man, 90% of iphone owners are Douchers
by Shnuck April 01, 2009
When calling someone a douche or even a douche bag won't suffice. A doucher is a further insult since that person is not simply the douche or the douche bag but the one who douches.
Yeah, that guy's a total doucher.
by kiwi-man August 17, 2009
One who is a repetitive Douche or Scumbag.
Asher is such a doucher, he leaves his wallet at home every time we go out to eat.
by Duppiedoo November 16, 2009
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