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smud(n.) - The residual of one's ejaculatory fluids; usually in reference to one receiving a facial.
"Ah man, you got my smud all over your face!"
"You could probably see better if you wiped all that smud out of your eyes."
by Garret June 14, 2004
The essence of one's spiritual being which is brought about through extreme acts of selfishness. These gentlemen are extremely keen to acquire currency, vaginal pleasure and massive quantities of Jenkem. No regard for life.
Guy: Yo, you knocked up?
Girl: Yeah puto. I'm knocked up with your seed.
Guy: Yo, can I punch it out of your stomach? ":)"
Girl: No.
Guy: Fuck you bitch.
Server at Applebees: Damn, my dudes is mad smud.
by Flute and Douglas. June 14, 2011
a mixture of snow and mud
Wipe that fuckin smud off your fuckin truck before you go another fuckin 5 miles in this fuckin snow storm on this fuckin road, fuckin.
by Youdonneedtoknow August 17, 2007
n. The physical state of being a wench i.e. beer wench, fuck wench.

v. To pull a smud; to goof; to jump out in front of things; to be a ditz.
What a klutz - you just ran into the glass door again! - you pulled a smud.
by w3nch`z0r January 30, 2003
the mixture of one's ass-mud with a load of hot steaming man sauce. Once the creamy chowder and ass-mud have combined and fermented over a week long span of time, the gooey, sloppy substance that is then shat becomes the ever mysterious smud.
Smud is manufactured in Sacramento, Ca.

After I knifed and killed your 80yr old grandma, I shit on her, fucked her, then some smud fell out of her ass. It was well aged to perfection. It had the punget aroma of dead fetus.
by chad July 16, 2004
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