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A Clumsy person.
That kid drops everything all the time,
he's such a klutz
by Total Clad May 15, 2004
284 59
A person who is never without a scrape or bruise. Always finds a way to trip, bump into things and people. And on occasion, they partially knock themselves out by walking into walls, doorways, and corners or cabinets and desks.
Why didn't I see that corner of the desk? I'm such a klutz! Where's the frozen corn?
by bepatient March 02, 2006
208 61
a clumsy dolt (from the Yiddish)
She always walks into doorframes - she's such a klutz!
by Stretched Spine April 03, 2005
92 37
An incredibly incredible person who happens to be born with a slight hand-eye coordination problem and maybe possibly dropped something every once and a while.
1.) Hey look over there, its a Klutz, I wish I could be like him.

2.) God, that klutz is so awesome.
by Salivia August 27, 2009
55 46
to get drunk and make an ass of yourself
You said you dould have "one beer" then you klutzed for the rest of the night.
drunk alcoholic
by graphicDef September 20, 2013
3 3
a stupid or clumsy person.
Man, that new kid is such a klutz.
by Light Joker October 11, 2004
30 69
A wierd person who keeps bumping into things
She was a bit of a klutz, she keeps bumping into that sofa
by O1984 September 10, 2006
17 60