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1:A firecracker
2:A thin, crisp wafer
3:One whom cracks illegally into another's computer or network
4:A racist term used against Caucasians/Whites
The word cracker has many meanings.
by Chad December 29, 2003
Of Jamaican origin
1. Thug, gangster, a man not to be messed with
2. Killer, assassin, known murderer, has a gun and will use it
3. A term of respect between friends
1. Man a shotta, you no wah vex man like me
Translation: I'm a gangster, you don't want to piss me off

2. Yow we need some shotta fi deal wid di case
Translation: Hey, we need some killer to handle this problem

3. Yow what a gwaan shotta yute
Translation: Hey what's up my friend
by Chad March 10, 2004
An Evil Commie peice of shit.
Kim Jong Il starved his own people. He gets all the imports for himself.

Kim Jong Il is a huge fan of Daffy Duck.
by chad April 08, 2005
By Us Fuck You
we wear BUFU
by Chad November 10, 2003
Actions or behavior consistent with being an asshole
I was fired in my boss's latest fit of assholery.
by Chad December 03, 2003
Water closet, shitter
Where's the WC? I need to take a dump.
by Chad December 27, 2003
The state of Minnesota between the months on October and April.
Brrrr! I'm from Minnesnowta! Yah, sure you betcha!
by Chad December 01, 2003
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