A local derivation of the word soothe in the Southampton area of Hampshire. It relates to the use of soothe as to 'soothe a cat/dog' and is used in the same way as one would use pet, pat or stroke.
She smoothed the cat and it purred.
He smoothed the dog and it rolled over.
by LePeRo February 28, 2009
secretive over something forbidden
Me: "Joseph Andrew, it's impossible to smoke and not have your parents find out. I got ratted on for doing it, and so did you".

Joe: "It's not imposssible. You just have to be smooth".
by Karen Stickney July 10, 2008
Having little or no muscular definition due to an obcuring layer of subcutaneous fat. Antonyms: ripped, cut, shredded
Don't eat so much ice cream, man; it'll make you smooth.
by kingsley d May 06, 2006
Used to describe a song that has a high-pitched kick drum sound, or any song that has a beat that arouses emotional or sexual desire.
Oooh, this song feels so smooth!
by Radio G December 01, 2005
a description of how harsh pot is on the throat
Man that pot wasnt harsh at all, it was fairly smooth
by Jarret May 31, 2004
To be of a pimps caliber....
he is smoothing it out...or he is a smooth demon
by Pat the Don September 06, 2003
Expression of pleasure to a given situation.
"I got you your favorite CD"
by BIGGY May 13, 2003

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