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a lanky twat
what a smooth ¬_¬
by dave. September 08, 2003
To be of a pimps caliber....
he is smoothing it out...or he is a smooth demon
by Pat the Don September 06, 2003
Expression of pleasure to a given situation.
"I got you your favorite CD"
by BIGGY May 13, 2003
nice,somthing pulled of nicely.See:slick
Didja' see my new dildo?It's smooth.
by sky May 10, 2003
When your manz (friend) doesn't really wanna answer the question, so he uses this word (smooth) to confuse you.
W: Im having a party, you guys coming?
S: Smooth.
W: Nigga what does that mean? I'm confused now.
by TheWiseOneImOD November 05, 2011
Marbolo Menthol Smooth cigarettes.
Hey, bum me a few smooths.
by SmoothSmoker June 12, 2010
Iron. Used to press your clothes.
My baby's mama an I was arguin' and she knocked me aside the head with the smooth. Damn it hurt.
by Teetoms September 23, 2009