To be of a pimps caliber....
he is smoothing it out...or he is a smooth demon
by Pat the Don September 06, 2003
describes something good, also is said after taking a large swig of strong spirit
luke - i bet you cant down this flaming absynthe
scott - i bet i can!
luke - wow dude you did it
by Poulson June 07, 2005
"My old lady hit me in the face with a smooth"

"I gotta go smooth my pants"

"Don't touch that smooth, it be hot, DANG!"
by pooji facett October 21, 2008
cool or awesome. another way of saying. "I like it"
Dude look at that car!
yeahhh its hella smooth.
by aliiiii February 19, 2008
Marc Mandrake slang definition: hitting on.
"I'm not gonna smooth on Angel."
by Hall Monitor Suze June 02, 2005
a lanky twat
what a smooth ¬_¬
by dave. September 08, 2003
the process of smoothing; trying to get with a girl and succeeding
oh-oh smooth. Damn that is quality smooth.
Jason: (Feeling on his g/f)
Steve: Oh Oh smooth, (last name of person) smooth.
by jason June 23, 2003

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