The shaved male body. The hairless chest. The removal of pubes.
1. Mary likes her men SMOOTH, not like the hairy apes that Susan sleeps with.

2. Smooth is the way to go; you can leave the bears in the forest.
by Stonesmooth December 23, 2005
Marc Mandrake slang definition: hitting on.
"I'm not gonna smooth on Angel."
by Hall Monitor Suze June 02, 2005
the process of smoothing; trying to get with a girl and succeeding
oh-oh smooth. Damn that is quality smooth.
Jason: (Feeling on his g/f)
Steve: Oh Oh smooth, (last name of person) smooth.
by jason June 23, 2003
Not having any sexual organs like a barbie doll.
1. That troll is smooth
2. God is smooth
by anonymous March 18, 2005
To do something so cool and so graceful that people are like whoa that was smooth
Man, that was almost as smooth as Elijah!
by _The_Smooth_ March 28, 2015

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