When you go into a bar or club, apply superglue to where the jukebox is plugged into the wall, wait 5 mins, then max out the jukebox on continuous plays of the Rob Thomas + Santana classic collab 'Smooth' and then wait or scram depending on bravery.

Can also apply to playing the song repeatedly or DJing the song in such a way as one copy of the song is scratched in / beatmatched with another copy of the same song. The more inappropriate the social setting, the more successful the smoothing.
- 'Dude these wings are cold!'

- 'Fuck that we're smoothing the joint then...'
by musicfan888888888 June 27, 2011
The act of increasing the smoothness factor of a currently smoothless surface by a coefficient of 1 or greater

It is considered improper to pronounce the word without making a waving hand motion underneath your chin.

Should the term arise in daily conversation, without a hand motion being made, the term will be repeated with the inclusion of the hand gesture.

I was smoothing my intake manifold when I..

smoothing *hand motion

... ran across a dirty runner

by Danger Craiu March 03, 2009

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