Smh stands for shaking my head
Random user - gurl, you can't evan spell ellafant

Smart user - da fuq? Smh
by 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 November 27, 2015
Some Mad Herber, a story with little supporting evidence and factual inconsistencies.
"I heard this story about some kid dropping 20 lbs of mercury off at the Minnesota pollution control agency, but I don't think it's true."

"Yeah, man, that's SMH, yo."
by Llrwatkins October 14, 2015
So much hate. when someone is posting jokingly rude comments onto your instagram, twitter, facebook, or any other social networking account. also related to the alternate definition of smh: shaking my head. when someone tries to insult you but does it in a stupid way, you could say smh..smh (so much hate, shaking my head)
person 1: lol u look like shit
person 2: smh
by alisaisntmyrealname September 14, 2015
Pronounced "smuh" meaning "shaking my head".
She just invited him over to Netflix and chill. SMH (smuh)
by bitchwat September 14, 2015
smh is an initialism (not acronym, not abbreviation, for shaking my head.
V. Burfect's (NFL player responding to Brady suspension): "no respect for cheaters and only 4 smh"
by JPtheCat August 29, 2015
Shaking my head slowly
Janey: I Wanna be a porn star when I'm older

Sarah: *SMHS*, Go Revise...

Janey: It's my dream though, haters can hate

by hasnimal May 14, 2015
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