So much hate
"your a dumbass Brian"
"Okay, smh"
by M8 Swagger April 15, 2015
SMH is an acronym meaning "shaking my head." It is an expression of un-verbalized contempt, used by people highly contemptuous of the world but too stupid to be able to express their disgust in actual words. It is, essentially, the grunt of the ignorant cynic.
Person 1, not a libertarian: Libertarianism is the political philosophy of toddlers. It is the ultimate outcome of a mindset centered completely on one's self, and ignorant of the existence of other humans.
Persion 2, libertarian: Dude, you just don't get it. SMH.
by UrbanPat October 27, 2013
Smh is the acronym for "shaking my head" When using smh someone might be disagreeing, or may think whatever your doing is silly. It's basically just shaking your head in real life except you're sending it through text.
Girl 1: Omg I went out with Jay today and he was so goofy, it wasn't even funny it was actually embarrassing. We were getting all the attention!

Girl 2: Smh he's always doing too much.
by XxLovexx August 17, 2015

"shaking my head" or "shake my head"

used when something is stupid or pathetic, but is often overused to use after anything unsettling or disliked

sometimes modified to smfh for emphasis: "shaking my fucking head"
just saw a 7 yr old with an iphone 6plus smh

smh urban dictionary didnt accept my definition
by KodakKid3 May 19, 2015
An annoying and over-used initialism (not an acronym) meaning "shaking my head" or "shake my head".

It is used by idiots when they think they are "winning" an argument on the internet, but are actually just spouting incoherent nonsense and calling other people idiots without any evidence.

Yeah, you've met that guy, too, haven't you?
Guy 1. The holocaust dident happen!!!1
Guy 2. Pfft, where's your source?
Guy 1. Fuck u your an idoit every1 nos tht the holocaust dident happn if it did thn how come there are jews alive 2day HMM?? smh
by B1KMusic October 22, 2014
Acronym for 'shaking my head'
Used when something is agreeable or true
"I just saw I 5year old with an IPhone 6+. What has this world become?"
"Smh so true"
by Hippieflowerchild May 08, 2015
Selective memory or hearing
A: I was never asked this question
B: It's because you have smh
A: That sentence doesn't make any sense you idiot
B: You have selective memory/hearing
A: Ahh, I see.
by jhammer April 13, 2015

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