So much hate
"your a dumbass Brian"
"Okay, smh"
by M8 Swagger April 15, 2015
I think this stands for "salted meat hug." Basically, it's when someone hugs you when holding a bunch of beef jerky.
"You got arrested again? How could you be so stupid? Smh." My girlfriend texted that to me. I think the salted meat hug was to console me.
by BadAtAcronyms March 07, 2015
So Much Hate
She posted a picture of me

by VanCityKid March 18, 2015
Shaking my head
Smh 😁 why u gotta do this
by Fcbarcelona! February 20, 2015
SMH means 'shaking my head'. Mostly used when someone does something so incredibly stupid there are no words for it.
guy 1 The other day i fell over my own feet!
guy 2 SMH.
by Kamazingxo December 30, 2014
Shaking my head.
White girls listening to Odd Future. Smh.
by KryptoniteIV December 07, 2014
So Much Hate
These Mufuckas never loved us , SMH. People are quick to bring you down they got SMH.
by CluBElitE February 12, 2015

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