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a) To be heavily intoxicated, to the point where behaviour is erratic and the ability to walk straight is no more.

b) broken through
a) "A lot of people up here are getting really fucking smashed. I've seen like four people carried out in front of me and the show just fuckin' started" - Axl Rose

b) smashed window
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
752 162
1. An object that's broken

2. Completely blind drunk

3. Instant mash potato
1. Guy- We were playing Placeball and I smashed my ma's best vase!

2. Guy- Jesus, everyone in Bristol on friday night were absolutely smashed!

3. Guy- Have you seen that crap ad for Smashed Mash potato?
Other guy- Why should I care?
by Jammers90 June 13, 2007
58 63
to do someone
ooo, i wanna smash that girl
by quoopy April 19, 2003
64 78
Someone who plays Battlefield, and only Battlefield and is really really good at it. Is also good at that game called "Real Life". Chick magnet.
OMGWTFBBQ! that SmasheD dude can pick up chicks and play BF42 at the same time, while looking cool!
by SmasheD March 12, 2005
8 32
to be fucked out of you mind CuZ ur Fucking drunk as hell!!
MaN WeN i FiNiSHeD My 40' oF VoDKa WoWWy WaS i Smashed GooD TiMe Tho
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
44 69
to have sex with someone really hard and in a crazy way
Oh who? That girl? Yeah, I smashed her last week, no big deal.
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004
39 65
to be out of money, broke
man i'm so smashed i couldn't afford a 2 dollar whore
by deeno October 12, 2007
4 31
To have lost balance and fallen over due to the intentional actions of another pushing you over.
"Whoah, Nick just got smashed by JP - but that's OK, because he is 2 thirds of the problem."
by Mr Wriggley August 28, 2006
8 37