Word used to describe a vagina that's beat and/or resembles pastrami.
She must have just got through fucking an army of dudes because she was smashed!

She wouldn't feel a fence post there, she's smashed.
by Jonathan January 14, 2005
To be stuck on AOL
That poor guy got smashed when he lost his college internet service
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
proving someone to be wrong and and to make them feel like a dumb bitch for even having their oppinion.
mom: take out the trash
me: take dat shit out yo self. ... smashed, ya dumb bitch..
by TekBeetz March 28, 2004
When you just crap all over your in your pants and it is a poopy mess.
Mike was laughing at me so hard that he smashed himself.
by johny man April 23, 2006
A mapper with a large penis and a tendency to get drunk.
Smashed got smashed and smashed Jmechy's mom from behind.
by Rebel February 24, 2003

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