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Under Kover Juice Man
There is a great sectret glitcher that is a ukjmn
by Rebel October 23, 2004
A noun used to describe something ugly, rotten, dirty or smelly.
I walked in to see a mess of derfis all over the kitchen.
by Rebel July 19, 2003
female genetalia

a.k.a the vagina/clitoris
by Rebel July 19, 2003
Interjection. Used when a hot female is present.
Rich: Dan's mom is such a MILF.
Mark: I'd hit it.
Joe: FHUTA!!!
by rebel February 20, 2005
A mapper with a large penis and a tendency to get drunk.
Smashed got smashed and smashed Jmechy's mom from behind.
by Rebel February 24, 2003

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