Smart: a person who looks past superficiality as means of purpose; one who makes sound judgment, uses distinct affective words to express themselves, and knows when to keep Fuc*in quiet!
When the time came to talk to the guy she had a crush on, she was smart with her tactics and thoroughly occupied his attention.
by Gloria Chavez July 13, 2009
British terminology for "well dressed"
he two of them looked smart with their new shoes and clothes
by CballANDnhoney October 25, 2008
Smarts is a slang term for the knowledge and intellegence every person needs to get along in life. It is are divided into two equally important catagories: Street Smarts and Book Smarts.

Street Smarts are based mostly on common sense and include things such as the ability to interact well in social situations, argue a point in order to get your way, or even lie your ass off if necessary and not get caught while still being able to recognize when someone else is lying.

Book Smarts are more about the knowledge and experience that are developed in school as a kid as well as throughout life. Much of the knowledge that is attributed to book smarts comes from reading (hence the name), but a large amount of it also comes from simple observation of everyday situations.
Jimmy used his street smarts to talk a cop out of giving him a speeding ticket.

Herold used his book smarts to impress the neighbors by quoting Shakespeare.
by shoop August 12, 2006
from army of darkness
best damn store
shop smart shop at S-mart
by Rubber January 15, 2005
Someone who knows the difference between:

there, their and they're
its and it's

Mommy, what are those half-naked women doing on the corner over there? Well honey, they're trying to make money to feed their babies.


Something me and you are probably not.
Something that most people think they are, and guess what, their not. And i can say that cause im 16.

soome prick-ass who thinks they know everything but is probably gonna get fucked up when there 16 b/c they want to be cool.
by NeverStopLearning October 23, 2007
1. Being a minimum of two mental steps ahead of everyone else, preferably three or four.
2. The kid who does everybody else's math homework just because they're bored
3. Being the type of person who can walk into a room, say a couple of words, and have other people bowing at their feet and calling them a genius.
I like Sophia because she's smart and she's cute.
by Evenstar January 21, 2007
The term that is yelled out when pain is distributed to him or herself. Usually regarding hair that is forcefully removed.
Someone has theyre chest hair pulled out...."man, thats smarts!"
by stonecutter510 October 12, 2005

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