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a 10,000 member church just outside washington, dc that is very focused on reaching the community, through meeting the needs of community members and advertizing, such as the so what? commercials on many washington radio stations.
The traffic jam on Route 7 happened because McLean Bible Church just let out.
by bolt November 14, 2004
Intelligent; marked by intelligence; a guided bomb as in a SMART bomb.
The SMART bomb hit the target with pinpoint accuracy.

Samir Mohan is smart.
by BOLt November 27, 2004
Interjection used by newbies to strengthen their arguements. Usually placed at the beginning of a sentence but after being fragged.
"OMG I hedhs0t j00 U HaxX0r."
by Bolt August 17, 2004
Short for "Elite" in "l337 speak".
Samir Mohan is elite.
Samir MOhan is l337.
by BOLt November 27, 2004
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