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Incarnation of the God of Sustenance. Many faces, moods and forms. A self professed narcissist with a curious blend of caring and carefree attitude. A perennial learner and teacher.
If you are striving to be like Mohan, you rock!
by Mohani February 02, 2010
A sex act where a man pretends to have wolverine claws but they are penises form other men giving them pleasure.
Joe gave half the rugby team a Mohan
by jonkus February 08, 2014
-verb. To make plans with somebody and then cancel them at the very last minute, usually when the other person is already at the spot, because you're either too drunk or you have some other awful excuse
We had plans to watch the De La Hoya fight and now you're gonna show up with your girlfriend and say you gotta go watch the Golden Compass? How you gonna mohan me like that?
by OoTheTruthLikeAI September 11, 2010
A man or guy who watches large amounts of gay nigger porn with his trusty side kick ashwin or "ash". They may also have blankets of dead skin.
Ah nasty, I hear that guy's a mohan, aw man thats gross.
by Hugh, Jass February 19, 2008
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