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a male/female who, after having protected sex with another man, remove his condom and slurp the cum out like it's a raw oyster.
HOLY SHIT: that slurper just gagged on a mouthful of semen!
by wreckage February 10, 2003
somone that slups chunky jizz off hairy fat guys greezy pizza nipples
guy 1: hav u seen jaimon ?
guy 2: yeah hes such a slurper
by mel gibson fan October 16, 2010
A bad head cold, the kind that makes your nose drip constantly. From the slurping sounds made by sniffling, and the sounds of noodles being slurped by one with such a cold.
I have a real slurper today. And I know who gave it to me. Someone was coughing right in my face on the train three days ago!
by pentozali January 10, 2006
Someone who likes to drink cum with a straw!
People from Scotland
by 8=(,,,)==o February 24, 2003
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