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nymphomaniac; slut; female of questionable morals
Dude, she's a total "Clitty McGiggle-pants". Just blow in her ear and you're there.
by Mr. Wundirphal May 08, 2008
Lesbian; oral sex by another female; mouth to vagina.
The way she wears that mullet you can tell that she's the quintessential pelt licker.
by Mr. Wundirphal June 11, 2008
a pussy fart caused by one bull dike fisting another bull dike.
When I was awakened at 2 a.m. by a queef latifa, I knew my lesbian friends hadn't gone to sleep just yet.
by Mr. Wundirphal October 24, 2008
Acronym: They Love to Eat Pussy.
Pussy eater; Muff diver.
Girl says, "Why is it that there are no African-American TLEP's?"
by Mr. Wundirphal October 13, 2008
In auto sales, "the box" is the finance office and the final step in the buying process. If you sense buyer's remorse setting in, you move quickly to seal the contract before they have a chance to wiggle out of the deal.
"Tommy! The old man is starting to squirm.
Throw them in the box!"
by Mr. Wundirphal April 17, 2009
1) a big score in sales. 2) a profit margin collected in a transaction that is disproportionately large relative to the actual cost of the product or service.
"Gentlemen,...drinks are on Anthony tonight because once again he took their head off!",(roar in the office),"he set a new record,...15 pounds baby!!!"
by Mr. Wundirphal April 15, 2009
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