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Slug means any kind of bullet or round in most urban areas. The proper meaning when talking about amunition is a solid shot gun round that is fired from a rifled bore shot gun, making slugs the most accurate type of shot gun round. Rifled slugs are also available for shooting slugs through smooth bore shot guns. In the Baltimore metropolitan area, a slug means a dollar, typically a dollar bill. It's usually used when asking or stating to have or borrow a dollar rather than stating the cost of something that is worth a dollar.
Let me hold a slug so I can get a rillo from the store. -Baltimore region.

Shawn caught a slug last night. The doctor said he might not make it. -Most urban regions
by Al of Baltimore May 20, 2010
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A girl with prominent qualites of a "slut" while also maintaining certian no-one sober is ever gonna want to hit that "ugly" qualitites. The combination of the words is popular slang in the Northwest suburbarbs of chicago in where many of the girls reside.
"Dude I'm seeing Brittany tonight, she said she's DTF"
"uggh, why man shes such a slug"
by slugfarmer99 March 24, 2014
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An adult male that still lives at home, has a part-time job at the mall, and sponges off of parents. Activities include; drinking Four Locos,playing Xbox, sleeping excessively and giving girlfriend a UTI. All around, a lazy, worthless individual.
Steve could not get his life together because he's a fucking SLUG!

Justin's phone got shut off again, what a slug.
by Doctorlawyerocketarms February 18, 2014
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In fantasy sports, a player who does not meet expectations or otherwise is of no value.
"All my pitchers are hurt, and all that is left in the pool are slugs like Joe Blow."
"I'm not sure why Rick picked Joe Blow in the first round. The guy is a slug."
"That trade did NOT work out. I traded my best guy for Joe Blow, and he's turned out to be nothing but a slug."
by Honk4Gronk August 27, 2013
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Girls (or guys, I guess) who can't get over themselves! They beg for attention and take pictures, often showing an excess cleavage or sticking out their ass. The plural to "slug" is "sluggys". Sluggys are often rather stuck-up and obsessed with themselves, and getting a girlfriend or boyfriend. When they do, in fact, have that boyfriend or girlfriend, they tend to say "I love you" too quickly and end up getting dumped/breaking up with them just as quickly. Sluggys are not liked. A synonym to slug is "slore".
Person1- "Oh my gosh did you SEE her tumblr?"
Person2- "I know, she's such a slug."

Person1- "You're like a coin!"
Slug- "Aw, valuable?!"
Person1- "Nah, two-faced."
by YoureASlug January 21, 2012
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slug can mean anything. it can mean i love you, i hate you, you look pretty. absolutley anything. it is mostly used for negative things, but can also be used positively. it is an adj.
"Wow you left my party early, you are such a slug."

"You are totally wearing my shirt slug."

"That party was so slug!"
by slug4life October 03, 2011
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a crazy smelly glutton for punishment, street punk kid, fueled by sexxxiness, rage, alcohol and small penis envy.
that slug was crazy last night, we shoulde party with him again.
by denverpunkass May 26, 2011
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