A slug is a member of the most elite group of people in the world. They qualify by being the best in every situation, going the hardest in all aspects of their life and they always work to eradicate the anti-slugs a.k.a. ants.
Slug life.

What's up my slugga?

Yo did you slug that girl last night? You're the biggest slug I know!

That Mike kid is totally unchill.
I know dude he might be THE anti-slug.
by Slug Life November 01, 2011
A dawdling person, usually very dimwitted and lazy. It can sometimes be taken as an insult, but if your name is Morgan McMullen it is commonly used as a nickname.
Slug get out of bed before I beat you!
by Floyd Muffin April 16, 2011
When a woman straddles another person or an object and slides down with their vaginas, leaving a mucousy trail, like a slug. Preferably when the woman is lubricated and shaven.
"She was so kinky she asked me if I was down to be slugged by her. I totally was."

"She was slugging his arm when I walked in..I have never seen anything so disgusting."

"Michael wanted to be slugged in the face by the hooker, unfortunately though, she was a He."
by shakillashark April 03, 2010
Girls (or guys, I guess) who can't get over themselves! They beg for attention and take pictures, often showing an excess cleavage or sticking out their ass. The plural to "slug" is "sluggys". Sluggys are often rather stuck-up and obsessed with themselves, and getting a girlfriend or boyfriend. When they do, in fact, have that boyfriend or girlfriend, they tend to say "I love you" too quickly and end up getting dumped/breaking up with them just as quickly. Sluggys are not liked. A synonym to slug is "slore".
Person1- "Oh my gosh did you SEE her tumblr?"
Person2- "I know, she's such a slug."

Person1- "You're like a coin!"
Slug- "Aw, valuable?!"
Person1- "Nah, two-faced."
by YoureASlug January 21, 2012
slug can mean anything. it can mean i love you, i hate you, you look pretty. absolutley anything. it is mostly used for negative things, but can also be used positively. it is an adj.
"Wow you left my party early, you are such a slug."

"You are totally wearing my shirt slug."

"That party was so slug!"
by slug4life October 03, 2011
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