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A beautiful special girl that I know. She doesn't know what she is capable of in life. She's been broken and is confused about life a lot but she'll get it right.
Savanna is amazing!
by tatu October 21, 2008
the best person in the entire universe that will one day rule the earth.
the savanna has all the powers of chuck norris, and more.
she is one kick ass son of a bitch
Man Savanna, you're beautifullness is hurting my eyez
by SomeKiddddd April 07, 2008
Savanna is a crazy beautiful girl who always knows how to make the shyest person ever turn into someone outgoing and crazy too(: savanna's are super super super good at arguing; she implants little time bombs in your brain with ever word she says; you can't lose against this cougar, she's a fighting ninja! You can always talk to a savanna and she'll understand and have the perfect thing to say. But savanna is also the most lovable person ever and is just trying to find her place in this totally crazy world. She can talk to you for hours and she always has something to talk about. She is very odd though, she would go swimming in the ocean in the winter time, and can eat a whole pizza herself with a liter of coke along side, even though she's not a fat whale at all(; Savanna could turn a room full of people that hated each other, and could bring them together just by stepping in the room. she gets along with everyone! and is one of the most funniest persons i have ever met(: she can make up the funniest inside jokes! "i did my best! i did my best!" i love savanna! she is my best friend forever! we are BFFLYMFDMWUWYSYMF's. <3
Savanna: "Hey!"
Me: "What's up?!"
Savanna: "Omg! i just had the craziest day ever! First off i got hit by a car!"

6 hours later...
Savanna: "the whale ate me! but i knew how to talk whale so i told it to spit me back out and now we're great friends!"
Me: "Wow! That seems like a really crazy day!"
Savanna: "Yah! but i can handle it, i'm a savanna remember" (;
by The Octavious Dinosaur January 03, 2011
the fuckin hottest girl i have ever seen. she is so pretty and she means the world to me. i love her.
last night savanna banged me and it felt damn good.
by jsnfksdj April 17, 2007
a girl who loves adventures, she's in love with the idea of love, she's hurt alot but keeps a fake smile on her beautiful face. she truly has a heart, she's not a shallow girl. she can be easily broken by the darkness in this world. she sees beauty in everyone she's insecure and she needs to learn the goodness in her life. i love my savanna she's always there for me.
'need help, ask savanna!"
by b3sti333# July 19, 2011
a flat, treeless plain

but also known as the greatest girl ever
many animals live in african savanna.

savanna is a very cool girl who considers herself to be an artist... but she needs work :)
by Vanns August 24, 2006
when applied to a woman it means very very SEXY! most savannas are one of a kind sexy girls so take them home on the first oporunity (if ya know what i mean) when you see them cause they have a tendancy to be loaners and hop from one guy to the next
Dude that chick's a savanna tap 'dat while you can!
by the man 27 April 23, 2008
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