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Slugging is the act of rubbing vaseline all over the front of your naked body, then sliding around like a slug on your kitchen floor (or any floor where it is possible to slide, tarmac is ill advised).
I heard that guy was caught Slugging by his father last night, what a pervert.
by Lil' Will October 30, 2012
When a female gets cream pied so her pussy is all gloopy. She then drags her pussy across the floor resembling a slug trail
Lets do some slugging!!!
by CathalWeirdNameWTF July 10, 2015
The act of vaginal penetration whilst inebriated and unable to sustain a full erection.

A stubborn attempt at sexual intercourse whilst physically unable to satisfy either party due to an excessive amount of alcohol consumed. Specifically resulting in a less than fully erect penis being forced uncomfortably into the intended recipient, 'like a slug'.
'man, i was with this steaming chick last night but i was so drunk i ended up slugging her.'

'this guy the other night was slugging me for about an hour before i made him stop, it was so disappointing'

'i don't really know what happened, i think we had sex but its more likely that i just slugged her.'
by drunksexisbad December 02, 2009
To hold one's head at an unseemly angle so it appears in photo's that the person's head is a slug coming up from the neck of the body. While bounching on the balls of the feet and proclaiming you know what you are talking about, because of the establishment you work in. While emphasising you're over reliance on a few key words to accert your inner most desires to be loved. You may also be seen slugging while waiting for a comrade.
Person 1: I know what I'm talking about, this drink is the best ever. I work in a pub.

Person 2: Dude, stop slugging. You collect glasses
by Shock&Awe May 12, 2013
Similar to that of gulling, but rather the act is performed by a woman.
Person 1: 'Wow, she's giving that car a proper slugging'
Person 2: 'Yeah, look at the slug trails on that!'
by Drivebyabuser April 18, 2013
Performing a despicable act.

The world despicable is generally understood to mean that which "society" would deem despicable. It can therefore be seen as comendable and despicable act from the user's point of view.
P1: What are you up tonight?
P2: Probably going to go slugging, I heard MRS.A's bf was out of town so I'll shag her and never call her again.
P1: Nice one.
by emJ May 20, 2012
The act of "frampetting" or humping of a man/woman's head by that of another woman. Slugging is a very crude phrase used to disturb other people.
That boy just payed 10 pound to get slugged by that girl!

Dude?, Is she slugging him?
by SlamFunk September 06, 2009

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