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faggot in spanish
Tony Montana: " You Fucking Maricons"
by Juan December 28, 2003
Urban slang that is short for young'n, which is short for young one. An integral part of DC slang.
"Git off me young before I steal yo ass."
by Juan February 17, 2005
Short way of saying "with out"
I am going to the store w/o my wallet.
by Juan December 28, 2003
Ey vato, look out for la jura up the street.
by Juan August 27, 2003
A really attractive guy. A guy who get's more girls than seemingly possible by his looks.
That guy is soooo Cort.
by juan December 16, 2003
1. The study of musical structure and aesthetics, concerning chord structures, musical intervals, rythms, meters, scales, etc.

2. Something that the majority of modern music artists lack knowlege of
Most recording artists seem to think that fashionable clothes and expensive studio recordings, rather than solid music theory, can make their music good.
by Juan September 28, 2003
1. Testicles
2. Rhode Island School of Design Hockey Team
Look at those Nads
Go Nads! Go Nads!
by Juan October 12, 2004

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