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10 definitions by cambronshinn

when you are messing aroung with a chick and you go home right before you finish and she calls you and talks dirty so you can get off
He got a speeding ticket trying to get home to finish his blue secretary.
by cambronshinn February 07, 2010
When a man eats lunch at Olive Garden and garlic from the breadsticks gets on his hands. After he gets home, he masturbates which makes his penis garlicky. Then he gets a blowjob and it makes the women get garlic breath
Man: Oh honey! You've got gar-lick breath
Women: Sorry
by cambronshinn November 29, 2010
when you finger a vagina and don't wash your hands and then later in the day you get surprised when you lick your fingers
Tyler had a sweet 'n sour stupefaction when we went to dinner and ordered ribs.
by cambronshinn February 08, 2010
When a person masturbates with their non-dominant hand
Man 1: Eww! don't touch me! I don't know where that hand has been!
Man 2: Don't worry, I'm ambidickstrous.
by cambronshinn February 11, 2011
Acne that you get on your ass.
Ted: I'm super stressed out about final exams, I got a wicked case of assne.

Stella: Gross.
by cambronshinn January 02, 2012
When you eat Skittles out of an anus
One time I did shittles but I have to do it again to really know how I feel about it.
by cambronshinn February 19, 2013
When a person wheres an article of clothing that actually says the word swag on it. Anyone who does this is naturally a douchebag.
Laura: Hey Mindy. Did you see that swagbag come out of the bathroom?

Mindy: Yeah. Doesn't he know everyone is making fun of him.
by cambronshinn April 07, 2013