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A machine (person) who is quiet active in thier sex life. Sometimes refered to as Hot Spicy Tamales. Has had many sexual encounters and is very experienced.
Wow did you see that Sex machine Mike?
by And3h December 17, 2007
The most freaking best merchanting clan in the online game Runescape. Despite the fact that people are always hating on them and dumping shit on them.
What the fuck, who the hell dumped the item early? Hotshot kb them from Ge.m now!
by And3h December 05, 2008
Something you hopefully will never experience, unless your desperate and the person is hot, or your just plain desperate.
Dang did you see who Mike did last night. You mean that girl that I did last night and left in the bed room? Oh man looks like he got Sloppy seconds.
by And3h December 13, 2007
One of the worst month's of the year for most people. Either after New Years, where as you did some so incredibly stupid you'll regret it forever. Or that your going back to work or school. Which either way you hate it.
Oh shit! It's January again.
by And3h January 06, 2008

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