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used among very few people.

1. a person who shows you something on a computer that they think its funny and its not even remotely funny

2.a very annoying person
1.dude rob is such a slonk, every five minutes hes showing me these gay flash things.

2.dude jeff is such a slonk, hes always on my nerves.
by fat dan December 01, 2004
Sitting doing nothing (or perhaps reading or watching the TV), probably in a warm room in the afternoon or evening.
"Let's go out"
"I'd sooner just slonk tonight"
by Nemus2 May 10, 2009
1. Sudden onset of tiredness, usually after being highly energized or inspired for a long period of time.
2. A magical effect caused by the approach of dawn, which happens at exactly the same time every morning, causing people who have been up all night to suddenly get very tired, sometimes to the point where they fall asleep immediately.
"Yeah, yeah, irc is gre-*SLONK*- zzzz..."

"Now all i have to do is finish off the enemy with my tanks while-*SLONK*- zzzz..."

"Sorry i'm late, i was up all night and i thought i'd be fine for work, but the slonk struck unexpectedly."
by Zalfir January 08, 2006

- To party hard.

Related forms:

(adjective) slonking
- Imparting a sensation of relentless force.

(noun) slonker

- A peak-time dancefloor romper.
"I'm looking forward to tonight's slonk."

"That DJ sure played a ridiculously slonking set."

"This badboy is an absolute slonker."
by Tom Field April 30, 2012
The trail left behind by a snail, a slug, or any other mollusk.
The slonk is shiny.
by Razgriz_166 April 29, 2009

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