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Members any authoritarian figure, including government people, police and corporate management - possibly in some cases only including those on the front lines of population control (police, the media, your boss, your spouse, your parents, teachers, security guards, parking attendants, etc.).
Anyone which tries to control your thoughts, deeds, how you choose to communicate or what you choose to communicate about.
Possibly coined by the swedish hiphop group "Loop Troop".
"Cuss the downpresser men from the top of my lungs, 'til they start making sense and be dropping their guns" - Big In Japan, Loop Troop.

The downpressers on the east side of town beat up a little kid the other day for drawing an anarchy symbol at a train station. Their getting off scot-free, of course. Meanwhile the news is talking about dogs stuck in wells and how great the budget is going to be.
by Zalfir December 18, 2005
Pronounced rap-il-ahj.
The act of raping and pillaging.

Rapillagery - the aftermath of raping and pillaging.
Rapillesque - somewhat similar to raping and pillaging.
Rapillite - someone who makes a living by raping and pillaging.
Rapillium - an obscure metal which runs in the blood of rapists and pillagers.
Rapillame - a rapillite who is sponsored by a major power.
Metarapilligery - conversive or subdimensional rapage and pillagery.
Fuck i'm bored. People are fucked, let's go on a rapillage.

"Wow, how do you classify that artform." "It's called a rapillage."
by Zalfir April 11, 2006
1. Sudden onset of tiredness, usually after being highly energized or inspired for a long period of time.
2. A magical effect caused by the approach of dawn, which happens at exactly the same time every morning, causing people who have been up all night to suddenly get very tired, sometimes to the point where they fall asleep immediately.
"Yeah, yeah, irc is gre-*SLONK*- zzzz..."

"Now all i have to do is finish off the enemy with my tanks while-*SLONK*- zzzz..."

"Sorry i'm late, i was up all night and i thought i'd be fine for work, but the slonk struck unexpectedly."
by Zalfir January 08, 2006

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