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slo·go (slo-'go)
1. a combination of slogan and logo, used specifically during the Nixon re-election campaign.
2. a phrase expressing the aims or nature or motto of something (usually a candidate), and those words being the symbol or design for easy recognition.
Nixon's "More now than ever" slogo was the greatest!
by Kristin (Jordan) November 21, 2005
a type of extra thick yogo. virtually impossible to eat.
that sluntard has thighs as thick as slogo
by Timothy Anochyzyk July 10, 2009
An icon that gives an insight to what a business is about. It is not the official company logo. Many companies use these small icons to show the things a company offers or what it stands for. Often slogos are used in combination such as in the example below.

The word itself is derived from a combination of the words slogan and logo.

This idea slipped out of my mouth a few days ago and seemed appropriate to these icons that I see more and more in business. I am a business student at Warner Pacific College.
The sihoutted icons of an apple ipod, headphones, apple etc.

The company has many slogos on their website.
by Aaron Cavanaugh June 16, 2007
A blowjob performed slow. Low on fizz, so it goes down slow.
Don't rush baby. Give it a slogo.
by Diamond Joe July 11, 2009
A combination of a slogan and a logo as one entity. Also known as a "logan". This word was developed by a tshirt company called Anderwear founded in 2004 as a part of a marketing strategy which failed horribly. The company disbanded shortly thereafter.
Man, that isn't an authentic Anderwear slogo.
by danny December 13, 2004
1. Oral sex (usually a blowjob) performed slowly, to the point where it is no longer pleasurable.

2. An extremely thick dairy-based dessert.
1. Alice gave me a slogo last night. I almost cried it was so bad.

2. Dude, I'm so hungry I could eat a slogo
by Darkcheese July 12, 2009
A combination between a slogan and a logo
This is a nice slogo... I mean slogan and logo.
by Adil February 17, 2005
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