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The name in Germany originates from war without warning. Warner is one of the biggest toughest families in Germany of all times. Some say Hitler was the actual sperm doner to this family of 9 boys and we dare not mention the one girl it would be deadly! It's the the name you would use just to save your mother fucking ass.
Hitler- Did you try do save that baby girl from death?
Warner- ya, got a problem with that?
Hitler- Men kill the bastard!!!!!!
Warner- Fuck you Hitler do you know my last name you dumb fuck?
Hitler- Not Warner is it?
Warner yup...
Hitler- Hold up men! Do not touch this one let him go.
Men- Must be a mother fucken Warner...grrr

#warner #verner #kill #name #germany #boys #girl #war #warning
by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009
A herpes sore. An angry, throbbing little pustule which causes great pain and irritation to anyone it comes in to contact with. Incurable. Said to be named after Australian cricketer David Warner.
I'm in agony. My cock's covered in warners.
#sore #pustule #wart #herpes #bubo
by Mrs Warner December 01, 2013
Person who pretends to be a 'Goth' or 'Sweaty' 24/7m but removes all the metalgear and make-up when in the presence of Mom & Pop prior to going out for an evening meal.

Named after Brian Warner a.k.a. Marilyn Manson, who looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT without make-up and contact lenses!
"Did you see Jim the other day in the library? I couldn't believe it - the guy's a REAL Warner!"
#manson #goth #sweaty #rock #marilyn
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
the last name of a whore with an abnormally large vagina, usually tries to imitate her slutty relatives.
you know ms. warner has a deep and wide vag?

ya, heard her sister was twice the slut she is
#whore #slut #skank #bitch #vagina
by poopypants111 April 16, 2009
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