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I tasty treat. A chewy fruity center covered in a creamy yogurt blend. Usually sucked on until yogurt is gone, then center is eaten.
I enjoy eating yogos as a healthy alternative to chips, and candies.
by DesertVistaKid October 19, 2006
30 9
A chocolate flavoured afternoon treat.
It was about 4:30 and Andy was feeling slightly hungry. He decided he would have a yogo.
by cannas™ October 11, 2008
33 14
You're Only Getting Older.

Counter to Drake's motto: 'YOLO' (' You Only Live once').
Person 1: 'I have so much debt, my girl is pregnant, and I can't even get by this month's bills!'

Person 2: 'Get a job...YOGO.'
by Rongtime September 09, 2012
15 6
To yogo is to do whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want. It means nothing and everything at the same time.
1) Do you yogo?

2) Did you mack that bitch or yogo?

3) Batt can yogo

4) Pawl can yogo
by Fizzbatt June 23, 2009
32 26
you only get one shot, like YOLO but not as overused
don't mess it up bro, YOGOS with her..
by Rucho July 16, 2012
11 6
{yoh-goh} – adjective, Informal.
To dance foolishly while thinking of world peace. (See: Yoga + Go-Go)
To remain agile, she attended night classes on yo-go and sighed for the relief of all suffering within the third world.
by yogogo April 14, 2011
0 3
the most diskusting piece of shit ever created. suposedly its covered in yogurt and has a chewy center. They taste like crap though. cheap candy to make money off of. uhhh, wouldnt yogurt go bad if it was left out like that? i wonder what kind of shit covers them to stand as "yogurt"
guy 1: OH D00DZ!!! Theez yogos are teh pwn!!!!

guy 2: Thats not real yogurt. and thats cow fat in the middle.

guy 1: *kills self*
by MikeTazer June 04, 2007
20 29