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5 definitions by Adil

A man of his word, a unique person, teh biggest don in his kind and the baddest man alive
In the same league as Tony Montana
by Adil January 20, 2005
The 24th of June marks the Feast of St John the Baptist. This is known as St Jean Baptiste Day to French speaking cultures.

Celebrated in QUEBEC with cool fireworks and parties and BOX SOCIALS!
The Annual Ahmed Saad Box Social is held every year on St. Jean Baptiste Day
by Adil June 19, 2004
A combination between a slogan and a logo
This is a nice slogo... I mean slogan and logo.
by Adil February 17, 2005
to go really fucking fast
Book it outta this shit hole.
by Adil November 27, 2004
not white, not black not yellow..but brown..those that are muslim of some sort, (shia/suni) NOT PERSIAN OR ASIAN
Andrew: It's lipgloss for brown chicks! (holding the brown chocolate-flavoured lipgloss)
by Adil November 27, 2004