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one who excessively salivates while in the process of smoking marijuana.
Yo slobby ass got the blunt soakin!
by Jeff Canzani May 19, 2005
26 4
short for "slower but better working people"
not being stressed out nowadays often means someone is lazy. if a person just opposes the stressful and hectic modern way of life can call himself a "slobby" person.
by E-Nature December 08, 2006
6 4
The Act of Oral sex perfromed on a women by a man or another women.

A dance move where the gesture of oral sex is performed
Mate i gave her slobbies last night!

Dude do the slobbies dance!
by 1time223 October 14, 2010
0 0
Nicholas Sproul, the slobmeister
Damn, bitch! You been slobbin all on it!
by Tyrone August 23, 2004
7 12