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A manky old guy with a grizzly full beard, skanky unwashed hair, and thick rimmed glasses with a near permanent roll up fag in his mouth. Often seen walking out of off-licences.
I saw the worst possible Nobby on the train earlier.
by Arkatos June 19, 2004
A bad case of piles (or just a really sore arse)
Named after the english world cup winning player 'Nobby styles'
I.E. Styles - piles, rhyming slang
I rode all the way over here on the bike and it's killed my nobbys!
by russell December 06, 2003
A quant local yocal way of referring to a sprout in a very small area in Nottimghamshire - Glenda's House.
Oh Look Justin - Glenda has given us Nobbies with our Turkey!!!!
by Justin Kinsella January 20, 2007
A 'Nobby' is a very special and uncommon individual who frequently performs inebriated sexual acts upon unsuspecting victims.

The call of the wild Nobby is a low growl becoming a screach of the phrase 'Hiya'. The last syllable is elongated to add stress to the cry.

Nobby's can superbly camouflage themselves to fit into their surroundings without being spotted by potential victims.

The more common Thomson variety can be seen in its natural squalid environment at the top most location of habitable areas with red fur and apparent tiger stripes. Despite looking cute and cuddly, this breed is the most lethal of all, taking full advantage of its appearence to lure in prey.

It is advised never to go near a wild Nobby. Trained Nobby's should also be approached with caution making sure to steer clear of the mouth area.
The Thomson Variety of Nobby is the only recorded species, despite strong folklore surround the existence of others.
by nobbyenthusiast March 14, 2012
A mysterious creature, rarely seen. Can be likened to the Loch Ness monster, the dodo or big foot. Last seen frequenting the Royal Oak / Indian Nights. Was once a lad, now an unknown quantity .
Sorry lads, I would consider a drink but I'm going to be a Nobby
by Monkeytroll March 31, 2013
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