To go out drinking and take home a sexual partner.
I'm going to slay Jed tonight, no matter what it takes.
by sailorcharlie June 28, 2012
To kick ass, or to dominate.
Person 1: She looks awesome today.
Person 2: Yeah she does, slay girl. Slay.
by ComfortNugget September 16, 2014
To kill every bitch in the game. To just be perfect and destroy the bitches that think other wise.
Black girls slay
by nevergonnastop March 28, 2015
to nail it or kill it in a good way
Nikki Manajs {booty} slayed me tonight
by yayslayme March 02, 2015
1. To kill

2. Really good
Dude, that new Nevermore album fucking slays!
by ThrashBastard January 29, 2003
When a celebrity or public figure slays it means they are really talented and loved for their personality and great looks. If someone slays the charts, they are so talented that they will usually be seen in the top 10 a lot.
Damn, you like Katy Perry too?
Bitch, she slays.
by marina_donati13 April 22, 2015
just incredible amazement, so fucking fun
Me: You own a beer?
Dude: Ya
Me: That Slays me
Dude: You say slays too?
Me: Ya, its the best way to describe someone who owns a beer!
by dumbfuck18 February 12, 2008

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