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something you tell someone when they look sexy as f***
Yass boo slay
by reddit/ducci July 19, 2014
okay this doesn't mean fuck me it mean like omg dude your so cool! like woah bro! like i envy you and your pretty cool!
Me: Omfg Liam slay me!
Him: *thinks i meant it in a sexual way*
Me; Omfg Liam slay me!
Him: Thanks!!! (:
by annoyed mattituck girl May 27, 2014
just incredible amazement, so fucking fun
Me: You own a beer?
Dude: Ya
Me: That Slays me
Dude: You say slays too?
Me: Ya, its the best way to describe someone who owns a beer!
by dumbfuck18 February 12, 2008
A girl who by virtue is open to fornicating with just about anybody.
"Man I really need to get laid tonight"

"I heard there was some slays over at 3rd street"

"Let us head there with haste!"
by Jodash November 19, 2009
1. To kill

2. Really good
Dude, that new Nevermore album fucking slays!
by ThrashBastard January 29, 2003
1) What can be done to trolliping whores
2) To drink mad beers and get completely sauced

To slay can be done seperately in either example one or two or a combination of both such as slaying mad beers and gettting completely shitfucked then continuing to slay some trolliping whore you meet during your drunken rage.
D-Rock: Man im so shitfaced id do a fat girl right now
StevieG: Its probably from slaying beers all night

Yo i just met this girl at a party, we're heading back to my place to slay like unicorns.

At the whore house last Mike just slayed every girl in sight.
by G-LACK$ November 27, 2006
verb - In the U.S. Naval Academy, to have sex with another Midshipman without emotional attachment. When slaying becomes dating, the correct term is dark side

slayer (noun) - One who engages in slaying
My roommate is a slayer.
by Joe Mid March 17, 2005