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Noun: A shortened version of "video", "music video", or "fanvid".

Verb: The act of creating a fanvid.
This is such a great vid OMG!

I love to vid.
by Wendy December 13, 2004
to jinx; to change the result by doing the opposite of what is needed; to expect an outcome only to have the opposite happen
John vidded the Patriots by saying they would win, in the end the Jets destroyed them.
#jinx #curse #bewitch #hex #bedevil
by iamjackburton January 20, 2011
vid is a Sanskrit root meaning "know". It formed the basis for video in Ancient Greek and later Latin. To the East it formed the basis for avidya. In all cases the personal vid meant "knowledge".
diVIDe there are thousands of others in languages around the world.

#vid #video #videography #avid #battlespace #clueless #society
by Videography Labs September 17, 2007
Short for videos.
I'ma watch some vids this evening...
#video #film #movie #footage #recording
by Vercetti59 March 25, 2010
Knowledge obtained by the senses. Primal in origin, but applicable in any hood.
#video #debunk #retro #primal #cognizance #wisdom
by Bob Kiger September 22, 2007
Short for Virgin In Denial. A person who talks about being promiscuos, but is not promiscuos at all. So he/she make up stories about sex romps becasue they refuse to accept the fact that he/she (usually he) is indeed a virgin.
Dude, Nick is a total V.I.D.
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
The shorter version of the male name David, used as a nickname.
Vid, is such a hottie!!!
#david #dave #hot #amazing #cute #babe
by jessecca23 September 06, 2008
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