1) What can be done to trolliping whores
2) To drink mad beers and get completely sauced

To slay can be done seperately in either example one or two or a combination of both such as slaying mad beers and gettting completely shitfucked then continuing to slay some trolliping whore you meet during your drunken rage.
D-Rock: Man im so shitfaced id do a fat girl right now
StevieG: Its probably from slaying beers all night

Yo i just met this girl at a party, we're heading back to my place to slay like unicorns.

At the whore house last Mike just slayed every girl in sight.
by G-LACK$ November 27, 2006
if you get something sexual from a person of the opposite sex you have "slayed" them
Yo cj yo shoulda seen me slay dat bitch da other night hoe
by jumes November 16, 2009
To slay: to have carnal pleasures with a WUBA
Joe loves to slay WUBAs.
by midn_x May 22, 2003
Laying down with the possibility of sleep.
Dude, im pretty tired, im gonna go slay down in front of the T.V.
by yedy September 06, 2009
Slaying: the dealage of drugs
-is your dealer dry?
- nah he's still slaying.

by iwantyourweedmofo October 10, 2006
An abrubt end to a lively conversation by a single comment.
"You just slayed everyone!"
by East Guys January 12, 2006
To drink heavily, specifically alcohol. A more evolved form of casual drinking. Including but not limited to beer bongs, shotguns, and doubleshots
Let's go slay some beers.
by JMPJMP September 22, 2006

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