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to make fun of another person
Yo I slayed that dude in class today.
by Mr.X March 12, 2005
To hook up with a girl who is atleast one year younger than you.
Dude you know that freshman Hillary? I slayed her last night!
by Zachariasy June 25, 2007
To severely shame and humiliate an individual in a verbal confrontation or direct insult; A powerful cut down (usually very clever or rooted in an opponents weakness); Would initiate a response from a crowd such as "dayuummm bruh!".

"Ohh sheeit bruh, that dude juss slayed his bitch ass"
by Purple Lean King April 02, 2007
Metalhead term
Linked somewhat to the thrash metal band Slayer who are viewed by metalheads as one of the best. The term slay means that something is awesome such as a song or a band.
Metalhead 1.

"Dude what did you think of Exhumed's Slaughtercult?

Metalhead 2.

"I think it fucking slays"
by TROYum May 03, 2005
to turn down
she's been sLayin' aLL these niccahs lateLy
by imzladii July 14, 2003
plural form of slut
Those girls are all slay.
by www.passivefists.com June 27, 2004
(1) An incredibly homosexual man
(2) A man who has an undying love for african-americans
(3) A human who enjoys spelunking in his own fecal matter
Damn Mr. Rafs, you are such a Slay
by Samsyn May 16, 2006