when you put a line through a tag or piece u think looks like dogshit/ or u hate them personally coz they stole ur drugs, beat u up etc to signify you hate them and their graff.
i slashed that tag coz its toy
by McGee May 11, 2004
1.) To discharge urine, to piss
2.) The alias of Saul Hudson, lead guitarist for Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N' Roses.
1.) Be right back, gonna take a slash in the bushes.
2.) Naturally Slash plays a Les Paul.
by the bg August 20, 2004
Verb. To take a piss/urinate, primarily used by men.
Mate, can you pull over? I need to take a slash ASAP.
by Mellynelly October 28, 2009
All-knowing, all-playing guitar rock god. Sexiest man ever. Ex-Guns n Roses lead guitarist, ex-Slashs Snakepit guitarist and current lead guitarist for Velvet Revolver
Oh god... that guitar solo is Slash worthy
by Blurgh May 03, 2005
The lead guitarist for guns n' roses from 1986 to 1996. He was the only British member of the main lineup, from the town of Stockton-on-Trent. He is one of, if not THE, greatest guitarists of all time. His riffs blend blues and metal very well, and he has a great stage presence, though Axl Rose often overshadowed it. Since leaving gnr, his bands have been Snakepit and Velvet Revolver, which also features gnr bassist Duff McKagan and gnr replacement drummer Matt Sorum. His likes are top hats, his afro, jack daniels, and cigarettes. He is a really cool guy, and is one of the few members of gnr to have a relatively minor criminal record. His only bad moment was his AMA award acceptance speach, for which he strolled on stage holding a bottle of jack. In his words: "I'd like to thank our fucking manager for fucking getting us here..."
Slash don't need no example.
by king of canada August 31, 2006
Usually in fanfiction, a pairing that is homosexual, although slash is rarely applied to yuri/lesbian pairings.

The word 'slash' comes from Star Trek fandom. The original slash pairing was Kirk/Spock, which was abbreviated K/S, and then ended up just being called 'slash' after its punctuation mark. After that, other male/male pairings (in Trek, and in other fandoms soon after) also became known as slash.
I'm a big fan of slash, but I don't really like slash of real people.
by Chiisuchi March 25, 2006
This is probebly the best guitarist out there I saw him in concert in KC there where awsome I was about 2 feet from him He played For Hollywood Rose, Guns N. Roses, Slash's Snakepit, And now Velvet Revolver. He also did the guitar part in Sammy Hagars Little white lie song from Marching to Mars. And has appeared in numerous videos with only small apperences. His biggest fasion is his top hat and black curly hair Normally plays a 85 gibson les paul sunburst is normally his favorite and uses Marshal Amps.
Damn Slash can rock out
by Joshua G. May 27, 2005
The best guitarist WH0 EVER LIVED!!
from the best rock band that ever existed
by GUNS AND ROSES May 07, 2004

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