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a legendary god who pleasures females until ecstasy with his large penis

(also has 12 testes)
ohh my gog look at gibbs and his massive manpole
by Gog December 20, 2004
To smack someone on the back of the head with an open hand. Derived from the trademark slap delivered by the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs to his underlings on the T.V. show N.C.I.S. To deserve a 'gibbs' or a 'gibbs-smack' the person getting it should have done something stupid, vain or dangerous.
When I found out he was cheating on his gf that was one thing; when I found out the asshat was hitting on jailbait in her favorite bar, I gave him a gibbs he'll never forget.
by shoopyou March 30, 2009
To roll. Any form of the word roll can be used in this context.
'I totally gibbs'ed my car going round that bend too quickly'
'Can you gibbs me a cigarette please?'
'I had a lovely cheese gibbs the other day'
by H.Dawg January 06, 2012
Former marine gunnery seargent,Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the main character on the hit tv show NCIS, played by Mark Harmon.

also known as "Bossman", "Boss", and "Silver Fox".

aka: the most amazing man to ever grace the world with his presence.
Ex: Person 1: "Hey, you know who ISN'T reading this definition???"

Person 2: "GIBBS!!!!"
by GibbsGirl August 24, 2009
A Gibbs is a sexual act where a male licks or fingers a females vagina until she cums, he collects it in his mouth, spits it on her breasts and rubs it around with his hands and in some cases, his penis.

It's a very dirty act for some but alot of fun for others.
Example, "Eww I walked in on Dalton giving Jess a Gibbs, she's a very dirty girl she does stuff like that with him all the time, they love it but I believe it's gross, the foul two belong together".
by hornyboii95 March 16, 2013
When you spit and any of the saliva lands on your person.
Oh man, I totally just gibbed on myself.
by Steven Snowdon November 29, 2006
refers to a guy who has ridiculous sex stories
Guy 1 - "bro i banged this chick and she let me bust in her left ear and then used a qtip to clean it out"

Guy 2 - "wow u are such a gibb"
by themanthemyththelegend1948380 September 20, 2011
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