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Smackdown of the Gods
I kicked a cat the other day . . . today a giant sabertooth from the depths of time bit me.
by Kuma February 26, 2004
A Barry Manilow fan. Thus, fanilow.
"Angel is a fanilow."
by Kuma February 26, 2004
Philosophy teacher. Talks at about the speed of a hummingbird on speed. May or may not be a pathological liar. Did the Cheese Story actually happen? Does Boguski Island really exist? We'll never know.
"Hey, Mr. Boguski, ever been to Verona?"
"Why, yes, I have. And while I was there I ended up getting chased through the piazza by two Italian thugs after accidentally ordering $850 worth of cheese . . ."
by Kuma February 26, 2004
Leader of the small communist country of Shupakistan
"New archaeological findings in Shupakistan indicate what may be the beginnings of the fertility cult of Bast . . ."
by Kuma February 26, 2004
The source of all non-chocolatey goodness in the universe. See also preslash.
"Did you see Angel last night? Major Angel/Spike slash."
by Kuma February 26, 2004
A term coined from the words "geek", "dork", and "nerd" combined for those people who fall under the category of all three.
"Damn, Lisa! You're such a freakin' genork!"
by Kuma May 06, 2005
Noun - the mysterious place where Heero keeps his gun. And, presumably, all of his belongings. Can hold an infinite amount of objects, located in one's spandex shorts. Brings whole new meaning to the phrase "it defies conventional measurement". See also hammerspace
Spandex space can hide a multitude of sins . . .
by Kuma February 26, 2004

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