To cut with sweeping strokes.

In British slang, it means to urinate.

A famous guitarist.

A genre of fanfiction in which two characters are engaged in a homosexual love affair. The name comes from the slash between the two characters featured; Kirk/Spock, Sam/Frodo, Pippin/Merry, and so forth. Gay male pairings are usually referred to as yaoi, and especially with anime.

Femslash or femmeslash is used when the couple is a lesbian couple; Arwen/Eowyn, Galadriel/Luthien, et cetera. Yuri is the term used for femmeslash in anime.

Slash ranges in subject matter from innocent crushes to passionate, endearing love to explicit erotica. The story can also range from perky and humorous to dramatic and angsty to heartbreakingly tragic, and have a sweet to harsh quality.

Although gay males are often thought to be the main writers of slash, young, heterosexual women are the ones who write most of the slash... thus becoming good friends of gay men.

Since straight men are often turned on by lesbian erotica, why not straight women being turned on by gay male erotica?
Barney the dinosaur lay in a bloody heap, slashed to pieces by his detractors.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Highlander, among other works, are fertle grounds for slash writers. LOTR, with the intimacy and love between the male characters, is especially rich with slash material.
by Lorelili August 15, 2005
The alias to the guitarist Saul Hudson, became a guitarist for Guns N'Roses and made it big, left in '96 after taking enough crap from Axl Rose. Started Slash's Snakepit, later joined Velvet Revolver. To this day is still considered one of the greatest guitartist there is
If only i could play like Slash...
by Spencer M May 21, 2005
In fan communities, the pairing of two male characters as sexual partners (feminine equivalent: femmeslash). The term does not refer to male characters who are homosexual and involved with another male character in canon.
Slash refers to any non-canon male/male pairing. Its most popular subgroup, yaoi, refers specifically to such pairings in anime and manga fandom.
Inexplicably popular, especially on the Internet, especially among teenage girls.
"Ohmigod, I just found, like, the best slash fanfic ever! Harry/Draco AND Sirius/Remus!"
by Charon May 21, 2003
1. Fanfiction or roleplay featuring romance between two characters of the same gender.

2. A guitarist from the orginal Guns n' Roses.

3. To urinate
1. I am a big fan of slash fan fiction.
2. Slash has some really cool hair
3. I'll be back in a second, I need to take a slash.
by Sapphov Vassiliades June 21, 2005
To Urinate, To take a piss.
Australian Surf Culture.
I'm busting for a slash! I'm gonna take a slash!
by Zed October 05, 2004
The sexiest guitar player known to man...He's just an incredibly gorgeuos, incredibly talented sex muffin!!! He's one of the only good REAL HARD ROCK AND FUCKIN ROLL guitar players out there now!! Long live Slash!!!
Slash is sexy...Not to mention an amazing guitar player (which is WAYY more important than how sexy he is, by the way!!!)
by The Frisk February 10, 2005
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